A team built for personal and professional service

At Paradigm, each member of our team is handpicked and trained to go above and beyond; they are personally involved with every aspect of your investment. We put our clients (and their best interests) FIRST.

Paradigm is a tight-knit, independent firm by design. We do not aspire to outgrow our ability to offer one-on-one services to our clients. We have developed an impressive team, known for their integrity and responsiveness to tenants.

Each member of our team is responsible to keep not only their supervisor but, also the President and other team members advised of issues relating to their role in the overall management of the property. This level of communication leads to the customer service which has been the cornerstone of the success of our company.

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Ashley Hopkins
Chief Executive Officer

Who is at the helm?

Ashley joined Paradigm in 2010. Coming from a management background, Ashley streamlined the processes for our staff and tenants while bringing a fresh perspective and intelligence to her role as Investment Coordinator.

In 2016, having secured the confidence and respect of the President, clients and staff, Ashley became a Partner and Vice President of Paradigm Properties Inc.

In 2019, after 9 years with the firm, Ashley purchased Paradigm and became the President and CEO.

Ashley specializes in sourcing opportunities and implementing investment strategies. She works hard to ensure that the client’s objectives are understood, and that they are provided with sufficient, accurate, timely and professional information to enable them to make informed decisions on their asset.

In keeping with her hands-on attitude, while you are welcome to call upon any member of Paradigm’s staff for assistance or information, clients appreciate that you need only call Ashley.

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